Nicki French Interview

Nicki French made Bonnie Tyler proud in late 1994 when she re-did “Total Eclipse of the Heart.” To Nicki’s surprise, the song took off all around the world, to the tune of over 5 million copies sold. This propelled Nicki’s music career to new heights and began a successful journey in the entertainment industry that has also seen Nicki on many-a-stages in various theatre productions. Dave O recently SKYPED with Nicki French, who he calls “the nicest woman I’ve ever interviewed,” and the two discussed it all – from Nicki’s upbringing in music, to her early days as a background singer and session vocalist, to Read More …

Howie D of Backstreet Boys Interview

If there was an award to be won in the ’90’s, the Backstreet Boys earned it, from Billboard Music Awards to MTV Video Music Awards to World Music Awards to American Music Awards. BSB, which is often called the “best boy band of all time,” originally consisted of Brian, Nick, Howie D, A.J. and Kevin. The Orlando boys saw seven singles hit the Top 10 in the United States during the ’90’s alone, and that was all from just 1997-1999! Dave O recently SKYPED with Howie D of BSB to talk about the good old days, including some cool stories about some of the biggest Read More …

Tonic Interview

In 1997, Tonic enjoyed the honor of having the most played rock song of the year with “If You Could Only See.” The song went to #1 on numerous charts and helped the Los Angeles-based rock band get started on a career that has seen them nominated for two Grammy Awards. Dave O recently SKYPED with Dan Lavery of Tonic to discuss the good old days of the group, as well as the “hiatus” the guys took for five years in the mid 2000’s, their new album and much, much more. Listen to the interview here!

Divine Interview

Perhaps the most obscure and “lost” 90’s group to have a #1 hit was Divine, which hit the top of the charts in 1998 with “Lately.” Dave O recently SKYPED with both Kia and Nikki from the group, who explained in detail why the trail went so cold on Divine so quickly. By listening to this interview, you will hear one of the more unfair situations of the entire decade, as the ladies had no idea they were being sued by another group already called “Divine” and that they wouldn’t make hardly a penny off of the project. The good news? Well, you’ll just have Read More …

Gina G Interview

Gina G hit the Top 10 in 1996 with “Ooh Ahh Just A Little Bit,” a song she first discovered while working part-time at a record company and screening demo tapes. The Australian raised singer was in the beginning stages of chasing her dream as a singer-song writer at that time, and had the vision to take a rough demo and re-work it/write it with the two performers. It would ultimately make her an international star, though she’d see virtually no money from the song due to shady individuals and contracts related to the project. Dave O recently SKYPED with Gina G to talk about Read More …

Tal Bachman Interview

Tal Bachman earned BMI’s “Song of the Year Award” in 1999 with the hit “She’s So High,” which also garnered him two Juno’s and Grammy nominations. The son of Randy Bachman, who co-founded “The Guess Who” and “Bachman-Turner Overdrive,” Tal’s career has continued with not only music, but also politics, as he’s served as a political analyst. Dave O recently SKYPED with Tal Bachman to discuss all of the above, as well as topics such as having “She’s So High” re-made in Norway and playing competitive rugby. ***NOTE*** Tal is quite funny, so please beware of consuming liquids during the interview.

Go West Interview

Go West hit the top of the charts back in 1990 with the song “King of Wishful Thinking,” which was featured on the “Pretty Woman” Soundtrack! The group followed up that success with the hit “Faithful,” and continues to release new material to this day. Dave O recently SKYPED with Peter Cox of Go West and talked about these items and many more! Listen to the interview here!

Firehouse Interview

If you ever slow danced in the ’90’s, there’s a great chance one or more of the songs you swayed to were from the band Firehouse. The Charlotte, North Carolina formed band brought us ’90’s hits such as “Don’t Treat Me Bad,” “Love of a Lifetime,” “When I Look Into Your Eyes” and “I Live My Life For You.” Dave O recently SKYPED with Bill Leverty of Firehouse, who told the real story of how the band chose its name, his thoughts on the remarkable success of Firehouse in Southeast Asia and discussed the new Firehouse album!

The Verve Pipe Interview

The Verve Pipe were formed in Lansing, Michigan and signed to a major record deal in 1995. Within two years, the boys had a major hit on their hands with “The Freshman,” which hit the Top 10 in 1997. Donny Brown of The Verve Pipe recently made a connection with Dave O via SKYPE to discuss the “good old days” of the band and the 2011 Verve Pipe, which sees the group still making music. You might be surprised what genre, too. Listen to the interview here!

Everclear Interview

Most know the band Everclear because of lead singer Art Alexakis, who recently sat down with Dave O. Within this interview, you’ll hear Alexakis talk about a variety of subjects, from how many unreleased Everclear songs there are in the vault to the meanings of several of the bands hits. Sprinkled in is advice for anyone going through a tough point in their life, as Alexakis has always been known to share his innermost feelings and struggles with his fans. A must listen for any 90’s music junkie (or anyone who wants to hear from a very inspirational man!).