Blessid Union Of Souls Interview

It was 1995 when Blessid Union of Souls released one of the best albums of the entire ’90’s in “Home.” The album featured not only the giant hit “I Believe,” but also songs like “Let Me Be The One” and “Oh Virginia.” The Ohio based group would go on to release songs like “I Wanna Be There,” “Light In Your Eyes,” “Hey Leonardo” and “Standing At The Edge of the Earth” throughout the remainder of the 90’s, and the group is still together today with a new album and new sound. In fact, Blessid Union of Souls has gone “Contemporary Christian” and the music is Read More …

Mr. Big Interview

The song “To Be With You” hit #1 in 15 countries back in 1991 for Los Angeles based rock band Mr. Big. The group then used that success to build a successful career that spanned the remainder of the 1990’s, before a bitter break up ended things in 2002. However, as of late 2009, the group is back together and making new music, as well as touring the world. Dave O recently SKYPED with Eric Martin of Mr. Big to find out how he came up with “To Be With You,” what the band breakup was like and if he ever thought they’d get back Read More …

C&C Music Factory Interview

When C&C Music Factory is brought up, most people immediately remember smash hits like “Gonna Make You Sweat,” “Here We Go” and “Things That Make You Go Hmmm…” Songs like these helped C&C Music Factory earn more than 35 music industry awards, including VMA’s, AMA’s and Billboard Awards. However, what most people don’t realize is that Robert Clivilles and the late David Cole (hence the C&C) were also HUGE producers/songwriters in the music industry, working with artists like Mariah Carey, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston and many more. Dave O recently SKYPED with Robert Clivilles to talk about both the C&C days and the days producing Read More …

Alannah Myles Interview

There was no song played on the radio in 1990 more than “Black Velvet” by Alannah Myles. In fact, to date, the song has been played over 5.5 million times (which is… well… A LOT). “Black Velvet” also helped Alannah Myles win a Grammy Award, tons of Juno Awards and launch a career that still sees Alannah making new music and performing. Dave O recently SKYPED with Alannah to discuss how the song came to be, how she pulled off the “sexy look” in the “Black Velvet” video, what the future looks like and much, much more.

Merril Bainbridge Interview

1994 was the summer of the MLB strike and the summer that Merril Bainbridge hit the Top 5 with the song “Mouth.” Bainbridge would follow up “Mouth” with the singles “Under The Water” and “Lonely” and nowadays, is running the maternity clothing website Peachymama. Dave O recently SKYPED with Bainbridge and the two discussed how she was discovered, what “Mouth” is truly about, her possible return to music and much more! Listen to the interview here!

Toad the Wet Sprocket Interview

Toad The Wet Sprocket have had eight different songs appear on various Billboard music charts, including six on the Billboard Hot 100 pop charts. Dave O was recently joined by Dean Dinning from the group, with topics ranging from how the name Toad The Wet Sprocket came about, to what it was like appearing on so many successful soundtracks.

Jon Secada Interview

Jon Secada has sold over 20 million albums, won two Grammy Awards and performed on Broadway. Secada is also one of the worlds biggest song writers and producers, as he’s worked with artists like Ricky Martin, Mandy Moore and Jennifer Lopez. In addition to his success in the entertainment industry, Secada is a huge philanthropist that gives back as much as he can with a wide variety of charities. Dave O recently SKYPED with Jon Secada to discuss all of this, as well as what it was like moving to America at age nine, growing up working at a coffee shop, the new music and Read More …

4 P.M. Interview

4 P.M. (For Positive Music) was originally formed just outside of Baltimore, Maryland by four close friends. The group had to battle and battle to get noticed and get their break, as you’ll hear in the SKYPE interview Dave O recently had with Martiz Ware of 4 P.M. Click to listen to an inspirational story of four guys who just loved music and wouldn’t quit pursuing it until they achieved success and an equal level of peace in their hearts. Hear of the struggle of getting signed, how “Sukiyaki” became a chosen cover and what the group is up to today, plus much, much more. Read More …

US3 Interview

Any 90’s music fanatic will remember the song “Cantaloop” by Us3 for its infectious jazz grooves mixed with hip hop. But did you know that Us3 mastermind Geoff Wilkinson got the rights to sample the Blue Note Records catalog for that and other songs only AFTER thinking he was getting sued? And did you know that he later visited the Birdland Music Club in New York City, only to discover it was now a strip club?!? Dave O recently SKYPED with Wilkinson to discuss these things, as well as Us3’s new record, the future of the group and much, much more.

Nelson Interview

Back in the early 1990’s, twin brothers Gunnar and Matthew Nelson, known simply as “Nelson,” had four Top 10 hits with songs like “After The Rain” and “Love and Affection.” In fact, when “Love and Affection” hit #1, it made the Nelson family the first to reach #1 on the charts in three consecutive generations, as father Rick Nelson had done it multiple times, and grandparents Ozzie & Harriet Nelson as well. Dave O recently SKYPED with Gunnar Nelson to talk about the groups new albums, their tribute show to their father and whether or not they could still grow the amazing hair. Listen to Read More …