Tony! Toni! Tone! Interview

Tony! Toni! Tone!… For starters… where in the heck did the Bay area group come up with that name? And were they really as cool, funny and generally bad ass as they seemed? Dave O found out the answer to these questions (by the way, they ARE bad ass and HILARIOUS) and many more from recently catching up with D’Wayne Wiggins from Tony! Toni! Tone! via SKYPE. Besides talking about the old days of “If I Had No Loot,” “Anniversary,” “It Feels Good” and “Lay Your Head On My Pillow,” Dave O and D’Wayne also discussed “The House of Music,” which is D’Wayne’s recording studio. Artists who have “called it home” include Destiny’s Child (before they were Destiny’s Child), Keisha Cole, India Arie and many more. In addition, two of D’Wayne’s sons are now in the group Poplyfe, first seen on the sixth season of America’s Got Talent. A MUST LISTEN interview for anyone who enjoys a good laugh and trip down memory lane!