Mariah, Prince & More


We start this edition with some “aaawwww, that’s so cute” news thanks to Mariah Carey.

Mariah recently told People her two and a half year old twins (Moroccan and Monroe) will be joining her on a new track off of her forthcoming album this May. Apparently the twins liked saying some of the words they heard when she’d preview the song, and so Mariah had the kids start recording lines and “takes” into her voice memo on the iPhone. Several weeks later and “voila!” This will certainly be fun for her to share with fans and someday, for the whole family to look back at!

Mariah seems to be on a roll lately. Check out what she did for Valentine’s Day, too!

Mariah, Valentine’s Day & More

Next, some not so “aaawwww” news from Prince, who is suing 22 fans for one million dollars each!

That’s right, Prince is suing THE FANS…… for $1,000,000……. but he must have a good reason, right?!?

Wrong. The fans are being sued because they have posted links on various blogs or fan sites to concert footage that they have acquired. That’s it – they’re just posting show audio on the Internet from various Prince concerts.

This comes after Prince has been bullying fans for years, from forcing them to take down album art on their websites, to not allowing You Tube videos, to everything in between.

Prince, we love you… your talent is undeniable… but get a grip. This isn’t a good look.

Only one thing is certain in regards to Prince – I will be in Las Vegas soon and “7” has always been my favorite roulette number to play because of… well… you guessed it… the Prince & The New Power Generation song! 🙂 I’ll be playing that “7” and hopefully taking down those casinos for all they’re worth!!

Until next time, keep playin’ 7 :), take care, and keep livin’ the 90’s dream!!

-Dave O