Blind Melon Update

We got an interesting tweet (@roundtrip90s) from Danny in Rapid City, South Dakota. He asks, “Can u explain what Blind Melon is up to. Together or not?”

Danny, I’m glad you brought up Blind Melon, because they’re one of the more underrated bands who came out in the 1990’s. And you’re right, its hard to know exactly what they’re up to in 2013 (for a number of reasons).

As you probably know, the band was formed in Los Angeles and eventually made it big with the song “No Rain.” However, lead singer Shannon Hoon tragically died in 1995, at the young age of 28, from a cocaine overdose, and the band saw its lives rattled.

They had their final album with Hoon come out in 1996 and proceeds from that went to his family and to charity. For about three years, they were somewhat together but never found a lead singer they could agree upon. So, in 1999, they broke up and remained this way until 2006, when they met Travis Warren, who became their new lead singer.

From 2006 to early 2009, they played and toured, but then Warren left they band and they again were without a front man. So for about another year and a half, there was no Blind Melon.

But then, in a bizarre twist of fate, Warren joined the band again in late 2010, which was surprising considering the way he left the band, according to a friend of mine at a record label.

Since then, they have played shows off and on, but it seems as if the trail has grown cold on the band again in the last few months.

So, I asked a friend of mine, and he replied: “Yes, they’re still together in theory. Same lineup with Warren. But not doing much. Doubtful they do much outside of occasional tour dates again.”

So there you have it – probably way more than you wanted to know and probably less definitive than you wanted to hear.

That’s why they pay me the big bucks, right!!?????!!????