Huge Summer Tour & More!


Sorry for the delay in getting a new “Back In The Day Buzz” published… I’ve been beyond busy hunting down more 90’s artists to catch up with and bring to you! Lots to update you on in this edition.

First, I’m beyond EXCITEDDDD for the concert tour just announced… New Kids On The Block, Boyz II Men and Paula Abdul!  Most likely, it’ll be coming to a city near you this summer and it should be absolutely classic.

Next, I was at the gym tonight doing some curls when I heard a guy walk by with a song on his headphones… and it sampled BROWNSTONE “If You Love Me” – and shameless plug, but you can hear an interview we did with Brownstone’s Nicci Gilbert by clicking on “90S CONNECTIONS” at the top of this page.
But anyway, I stopped in the middle of my set and said, “Hey, who is that?”