R.I.P. Prince Be of P.M. Dawn

pm dawnAs I’ve reflected over the last several days, I’m more and more sad about the sudden passing of Prince Be of P.M. Dawn.

In case you didn’t hear, “Be” died from kidney complications last weekend at the young age of 46.

You can listen to an interview with his cousin and P.M. Dawn bandmate “Doc Giggles” right here on the website under 90S CONNECTIONS – and he discusses how Prince Be had been the victim of numerous strokes and diabetes over the last decade. The interview is a couple years old but talks in-depth about what kind of man “Be” was and of course, the awesomeness of P.M. Dawn.

I’ve often had people flabbergasted when I tell them that P.M. Dawn is my favorite group of all-time. Literally – they are. I have every single song they ever released and several more thanks to Doc G. that weren’t.


Be was obviously the mastermind of the group with his thoughtful, deep and beautiful lyrics – almost poetry.


The sound of P.M. Dawn is striking and the music will always live on.


I had the lucky experience of meeting Price Be twice – on the same tour – in August and October of 2006. I enjoyed talking to him thoroughly – he was soft, kind and thoughtful. I’ll never forget the joy I had getting to speak with him on both occasions, even if just for a few minutes.


R.I.P. to Prince Be – another 90’s legend gone way too soon.


-Dave O