RIP Charmayne Maxwell

charbrownI hate having to write these tragic RIP posts every now and again but each artist of the 90’s deserves to be remembered for the lives they lived.

In this case, I’m sad to report that Charmayne Maxwell of Brownstone has passed away (earlier this week, at the age of just 46) and it happened in about as tragic of a manner as you can imagine.

Maxwell was innocently enjoying a glass of wine on her very own patio when she apparently tripped, fell backwards and had her wine glass shatter on the ground below her. Milli seconds later, she fell onto it and suffered severe head trauma. Her poor husband came home and found her.

I’m being honest when I say this completely breaks my heart… TMZ calls this a “one in a million tragedy” and I would agree. I can’t even imagine how her family must feel and I want to send my condolences to them on the off chance they are reading this.

Maxwell will be remembered as a GREAT artist with a GREAT voice… I spoke with Nicci Gilbert of Brownstone awhile back right here on Round Trip (you can hear the interview above by clicking 90S CONNECTIONS) and she mentioned Maxwell during the chat. I never had the honor of speaking with Charmayne but if she was even 10% as sweet as Nicci (which I know she was), I know I would have relished the chance to speak with her.

RIP Charmayne… you will always be remembered through your voice, music and craft…

-Dave O