Lenny, SWV & More


First of all, how AMAZING was that Super Bowl Halftime Show this past Sunday that included Katy Perry, Missy Elliot and Lenny Kravitz?!?!

I know this is a 90’s show and neither Elliot nor Perry had hits during that decade but Kravitz sure did (“Fly Away” and “American Woman”) so I feel like it’s fair game to bring it up.

I liked that Katy kept things classy and tame while giving a performance that sparked lots of cool senses! She really is exactly what you see on TV – fun, funny and sweet.

Missy completely stole the show in doing a few of her old school hits and having Katy right next to her and finally, I thought Lenny singing “I Kissed A Girl” was one of the most classic Super Bowl Halftime moments ever! Many complain that he didn’t really do any of his own songs but I loved seeing two different types of genre’s come together in him and Katy, and thought it was a cool way for both fanbases to further introduce themselves to one another.

Next, a listener call last weekend has me giving you an update on the girl group SWV (Sisters With Voices) who had a couple of my favorite 90’s songs – “Weak” and “Right Here/Human Nature.” I believe her name was Sarah and she wanted to know more about them (if it was something else, my bad – I should have written it down).

Well, the girls originally broke up back in 1998, and we’re supposed to get the full story of WHY soon on a WE TV show that will tell about their careers. Supposedly it’s six episodes and will discuss how they got into music, the good and bad days, etc.

SWV is also back together and performing shows and TV, even as recently as a year ago (as I’ve detailed in the past). I have attempted to get them on an episode of Round Trip and hope to get the “go ahead” soon, so keep checking the show and site out for further info!

Last, a tweet sent to us (@roundtrip90s) from Hanley in Minneapolis.

“You guys ever think of doing a huge retro 90’s concert reunion? Love your show!”

Thanks for the note Hanley and YES, we’ve thought about this and discussed it in the past. However, at the moment, financially settling on a location remains a challenge – but you better believe we will keep exploring ways to make this happen because yes, many great 90’s groups are still together and touring…. but there’s still a BOATLOAD who we have been in touch with that would be “down” for a reunion show and we’d love to get a number of them together. Stay tuned…

Until next time, take care, and keep livin’ the 90’s dream!!!

-Dave O