Mariah, Britney & Vegas!


I have absolutely TREEEEEEEEEEEE-MENDOUSSSSSSSS news for you if a trip to Las Vegas is in the works anytime soon.

NOT ONLY can you still see Britney Spears play at her residency at Planet Hollywood (“Piece Of Me”) but also, MARIAH FREAKING CAREY has now established a two year residency at Caesers Palace (with 27 shows per year)!

Mariah will do so in nine show increments over the two years meaning that basically, she’ll play one month, take a month off, play one month, etc.

Something else great about the news is that she promises to play ALL HER HITS, not just some of them, as we so often see with established artists that have a giant catalog. I will certainly be going out there to watch her after loving Britney last year. And by the way, still find it odd that Caesers can afford Mariah at the price of over $400,000 per show when they are supposedly going through bankruptcy… but I digress!!!

And speaking of Vegas, is it weird if I have bi-weekly dreams about becoming a professional black jack player and moving out there? Maybe it’s time to either call 888-BETS-OFF or re-listen to the 90’s hit “Leaving Las Vegas” by Sheryl Crow to sober me up and remind me of the dangers of gambling. Haha!!!

Until next time, take care, and keep livin’ the 90’s dream!!

-Dave O