Alanis, MJB & More


On some editions of “Back In The Day Buzz,” I’m the bearer of bad news, from issues like divorce to lawsuits to at times, much worse.

But on this issue, I’m happy to say I have nothing but GREAT NEWS to report!

Let’s start with Alanis Morissette, who recently opened up to the Huffington Post about the days when she FIRST hit it big – think “Jagged Little Pill.”

To sum it up, she went from playing small, intimate “lounge” type venues to stadiums, and seemingly overnight. As one might imagine, Alanis had a tough time dealing with all of the quick changes and pressure. And let me tell you, this is NOT uncommon from many different 90’s artists I’ve spoken with on Round Trip (and shameless plug – you can hear HOURS and HOURS of original 90’s interviews done by myself at the top of this page by clicking “90s Connections.”)

But anyway, Alanis was so overwhelmed that she rarely laughed for TWO WHOLE YEARS and felt sick much of the time.

You might say “how is this good news like you promised? The poor woman was miserable, Dave O.”

Well through it all, from subsequent interviews I’ve heard with Alanis, she mentions that she grew exponentially from the tough times and it made her stronger and into the woman she is in the year 2014! As I’ve been on record saying many times, she is one of my top five favorite people in pop music – just a lovely woman to spend time around.

Next, more good news in the form of a new album from a couple of rad 90’s artists.

First, Mary J. Blige! It’s called “The London Sessions” and from the five tracks I’ve heard, is full of lush sounding pop songs with almost a “blissful sound.” I’m a sappy hopeless romantic so I love a couple of the ballads on the record – it’s definitely a more mature sound for MJB and I encourage you to check it out!

Last, The Verve Pipe is back and you can pre-order their new record “Overboard” right now on their official website, . I spoke with Donny from The Verve Pipe awhile back and if you’re on the fence about his band, you won’t be after listening. A fun guy with great stories about the evolution and the journey the band has been through.

That’s it for this time – hopefully more exciting and uplifting news when we speak next, too.

Until then, take care – and keep livin’ the 90’s dream!!

-Dave O