Macy, Sting & More


It was extremely late in 1999 when “I Try” from Macy Gray hit the top of the pop charts – hard to believe that’s been FIFTEEN YEARS AGO!!!!!!

Also hard to believe that Macy admits that she would be in JAIL if it weren’t for her career in music and some of those closest to her keeping her clean.

While she was out promoting her new album “The Way” the other day, she admitted that alcohol and drugs were a big pull for her earlier in life, and that without her family and management, she wouldn’t be anywhere but jail in 2014.

I’ve met Macy before, and she is as kind as they come. Very full of life and entertaining. Here’s to more success to her musically but most of all, for her continued navigation through life as a sober and happy individual. I love her!!

Next, you always wonder what old celebrities did before they made it big, right? I’ve asked many right here during interviews on Round Trip, which you can hear by clicking at the top of the page on 90S CONNECTIONS.

But one guy recently spoke to the media at a press conference about his surprising job “back in the day.” And that man is Sting, who admits he used to play on a cruise ship WAY BACK WHEN in front of very few people. Hard to imagine somebody playing arenas with a worldwide following that once dabbled in the obscurity of cruise ships, but there you go.

Last, a quick update on the band Tonic, because I found out that lead singer Emerson Hart released a new solo album earlier this year called “Beauty In Disrepair” and its really, really good. It’s available on iTunes, of course, and in my opinion, a more mature and advanced sound for Hart. Check it out – especially my favorite track, “Hurricane!”

That’s it for today – until next time, take care, and keep livin’ the 90’s dream!!

-Dave O