Surge Is Back!


The year was 1996 when the Coca-Cola Company had the genius idea to produce the epic brand of soda called “Surge” to compete with “Mountain Dew.”

As I recall, the first Surge commercials aired during the Super Bowl and featured a whole bunch of teenaged boys wrestling and struggling with each other to see who could get to the top of a hill first to capture the bottle of Surge.

Hopefully you remember Surge, although it apparently wasn’t produced in a few states. It was Coca-Cola’s second attempt at taking on Pepsi’s Mountain Dew head to head (after “Mello Yello” mostly failed). The soda was technically branded to capture younger teens and get them hooked on Surge over Mountain Dew before late teen-hood, but the problem was that many parents (who bought the household groceries for that age group) believed it to be pure sugar and a lot worse than Mountain Dew. Multitudes of schools banned it, too, though coincidentally enough, it actually had LESS caffeine and sugar than Mountain Dew.

But anyway, why do I bring all this up?

Because a cult-like underground movement has driven Coca-Cola to PRODUCE SURGE AGAIN!!! So once more, you can order a “12’er” of the amazing soda.

Don’t go looking at stores, however. The only place (at the moment) to enjoy the nostalgia of Surge, which was discontinued in 2003, is on Amazon.

You can bet I’ll be ordering plenty!!!

Until next time, enjoy a can of Surge… take care, and keep livin’ the 90’s dream!

-Dave O