Tori, Everything But The Girl & More

We begin this edition sending our strength, thoughts and prayers out to Tori Spelling during her tough times.

For starters, her husband (Dean McDermott) just got out of rehab for a variety of personal problems, including substance abuse and cheating. The two are likely done, especially after the horrible things they keep saying to each other publicly. Obviously, the reality show True Tori probably isn’t helping matters, either.

Then after the news of the marriage issues broke, it’s also been revealed that Tori has been in the hospital for “undisclosed reasons” over the past few days. I have to say that Tori has always been one of my favorite actresses, ever since she dated my boy David Silver (Brian Austin Green) as Tori on Beverly Hills 90210. I used to watch those re-run episodes every single day during my freshman year of college in 1999 in the dorms with my friends. Haha.

While I don’t necessarily approve of making a big spectacle out of something as special and private as marriage via the media and a reality show, I also acknowledge that Tori and Dean live in a different world and as such, wish them all the luck in the world, especially Tori. Let’s hope things work out for both and that they can iron out their personal demons, too.

Next, GREAT NEWS from the group Everything But The Girl, who had the classic song “Missing” back in 1995. The duo consists of Tracey Thorn and Ben Watt, who are also together as a couple! It seems that not only are they back in the public eye after being VERY private for many years, but that both have something new going on.

Thorn is writing a non-fiction book dealing with the stereotypes and myths that surround singers and performing in the music industry. She’s also writing and in the midst of performing new music for the soundtrack of The Falling.

Watt, meanwhile, apparently has his first solo album since 1983, which was released in America two weeks ago! He is also doing a solo tour over here as well. You can get all that info and order the record on his website:

Pretty cool to see Everything But The Girl back, and we’ll see if we can’t lock them down for an interview soon, to go along with Enrique Iglesias, Robin S., Jennifer Lopez, Merril Bainbridge and Crystal Waters in the coming weeks!

Until next time, take care, and keep livin’ the 90’s dream!!

-Dave O