Hammer, Crystal Waters & More


A lot of people are making jokes about the trouble that M.C. Hammer finds himself in again, but I don’t think it’s very funny. Mainly, that’s because I’ve always been a fan of his music and had the good fortune of meeting him many years ago – he really was a good guy. So you never want to make light of somebody going through tough times.

Still, I’ll admit that it’s a bit ridiculous that he’s once again in trouble with “Uncle Sam,” aka the IRS, which says that he owes them $1.4 million dollars. This of course comes after he owed the same price tag several years ago, and while Hammer says the IRS is “out to get him” and “it’s not true,” I have a hard time believing he’s right.

However, with tax day passing earlier this week, I think that all of us can send him a little sympathy for the price tag, though I also think that all of us wish we once had as much money as he did, too!

Next, I wanted to update you real quickly on some exciting interviews we have coming up throughout the next few weeks.

First of all, Crystal Waters will be joining the show and updating us on a career that is still VERY MUCH ALIVE. In fact, Crystal hit the Top 100 Dance Chats just last year and has another album planned.

Second, Robin S. will be jumping on board, and she’s also still doing the music thing. In recent years, she’s been on BET quite a bit and re-done some new bangin’ mixes of her signature hit “Show Me Love!”

Finally, Merril Bainbridge will be on the show all the way from Australia, where she’s created a line of maternity clothing called “Peachymama.” It’s been awhile since we last spoke to a pop star from Australia (Gina G and The Escape Club come to mind) and we can’t wait to have her on the show.

And as always, we thank YOU for listening to the show, for requesting songs and for visiting this website. We wouldn’t be able to celebrate the 90’s without you!

Until next time, take care, and keep livin’ the 90’s dream.

-Dave O