Nick, George & More


Anytime 98 Degrees is in the news, I become instantly excited, because as I’ve disclosed before, they (and Backstreet Boys) are my all-time favorite boy bands. And sadly, even in my early 30’s and in 2014, I still listen to ALL of their albums on a fairly regular basis.

So I found it quite funny when I recently saw an interview with Nick Lachey in which he was asked, “Who was the most overrated boy band of the 90’s?”

I wish I could remember which TV show it was on – because I’d link it so you could see his response, which was HILARIOUS – but his answer?


Remember them? The guys that had “When The Lights Go Out?”

Apparently they toured with 98 Degrees back in the day and as Nick went on to say, fought quite a bit. He made it sound like there were disagreements and arguments nearly every night, after every show. Sad to hear that, but it was a pretty funny moment. If someone can find that video clip, PLEASE tweet it to us (@roundtrip90s) so I can post it.

Next, it’s pretty cool that PRINCE is back on the pop charts with a song called “Fall In Love!”

The track features Zooey Deschanel and is welcome news after we mentioned Prince inexplicably attacking innocent fans (via law suit) in a recent “Back In The Day Buzz.” Turn the radio on and chances are you’ll hear it on your favorite station. It’s hard to find it on the Internet since Prince is so possessive with his copyrights.

Finally, its bittersweet to read the story that People recently did on George Michael and how his life changed after he “came out.” It’s bitter because he says it didn’t really get easier, but sweet because he continues to live life in a positive manner and is finally “true” to his fans. Good for you George!

Read that story here:,,20797971,00.html

Until next time, take care, and keep livin’ the 90’s dream!!!

-Dave O