Boy Band Edition


We thought it would be a lot longer after the VMA”s before ‘N Sync reunited again.

However, it wasn’t long at all, as the boys got together again last week at group member Chris Kirkpatrick ‘s wedding in Orlando!

Kirkpatrick married the woman who has quite possibly the coolest sounding name I have ever heard – Karly Skladany (29 years old). The pair got engaged last year and enjoyed quite a memorable wedding weekend, according to Kirkpatrick’s twitter.

“Great weekend with old friends and family! Happiest time of my life! #offthemarket. Best wedding advice from JT, and then partied til 3 AM singing with Joey and Karly!”

I found it very interesting that all five members of ‘N Sync got together for this weekend (with all serving as groomsmen or ushers) after JT didn’t invite a single member of his former group to Jessica and his’ wedding because “it would overshadow things.”

Biggest question is – when will the NEXT reunion be…? Stay tuned.

Next, we check in with fellow “boy band” Backstreet Boys, who are doing something I find quite innovative.

They are allowing you to purchase “after party tickets” on their official website ( and thus, drink the night away with “select BSB members.” After interviewing the entire band, I can tell you they would be fun as hell to party with, too!!!

Finally, a tweet to us (@roundtrip90s) about boy band LFO from Sean in Kansas City.

“Dave O, have you ever tried interviewing any members of LFO?”

Sean, I have reached out to a couple, and have yet to set anything up. I’m assuming you of course know about the tragic death (way too young) of lead singer Rich Cronin, who was only 36 when leukemia took him away from us. I HAVE asked many others about what kind of man he was, and you can hear those on this very website by clicking on 90S CONNECTIONS and talking to Jeff Timmons of 98 Degrees and Bryan Abrams of Color Me Badd. But as of this time, no connection has been made with any of the other members. 🙁 🙁

That’s it for this edition – until next week, take care, and keep livin’ the 90’s dream!!

-Dave O