Bon Jovi, TLC & More

Premiere Of "Bon Jovi: When We Were Beautiful"

As an obsessed sports fan, I can totally relate to an Australian woman named Branda Delic, whose “life was made” this past weekend as Jon Bon Jovi walked her down the aisle.

A reaction of “Wait… what?” is quite appropriate in this case, so let’s explain.

Apparently, Delic created a Facebook page with a request to have Bon Jovi do exactly what he ended up doing – walking her down the aisle. She is a mega fan and got over 2,000 likes, which helped the media catch wind of the story and ultimately, pass it on to Bon Jovi.

As fate would have it, he happened to be in Las Vegas the same time as her wedding, which was of course at the exact same chapel he once got married at (because what self respecting Bon Jovi fan WOULDN”T get married in the same place?!?).

Good for her, and good for him in being a good sport. And, I loved his tweet to her with “some love” shown for my all-time favorite Bon Jovi song (“Always”).

“Congratulations. May you & Gonzalo have a lifetime of happiness, love & memories together – ALWAYS!”

Next, we’re excited that TLC’s new album “20” has been released in honor of two decades in the music industry! It’s basically a Greatest Hits album but there are a couple of new tracks, including the single that was released last week – a Ne-Yo written song called “Meant To Be.” The song is actually quite good, but isn’t everything that both TLC and Ne-Yo do?!?

Finally, a quick update on some previous upcoming interviews, as I can confirm that Robin of Vengaboys will join us the weekend of 11/2, and the entire group of Soul For Real on 11/9 (they were really tough to find – very excited about this one)! These come after recent appearances from Bryan Abrams of Color Me Badd and Judith Pronk (aka Alice Deejay).

Whose next on the list to be interviewed?

Well, that depends on how good our hired Private Investigator is at hunting more 90’s stars down!

Until next time, take care, and keep livin’ the 90’s dream!

-Dave O