N Sync Reunites?

We’ve had lots of Justin Timberlake news over the last few weeks as we discussed his two forthcoming movies (Runner, Runner & Inside Llewyn Davis) due out this fall.

But now, this is getting even more exciting for fellow 90’s fanatics because as you probably heard…….. the RUMOR is that ‘N Sync MIGHT be performing this Sunday at the VMA’s!!!!

But is this a substantiated rumor or just a pipe dream?

I’m leaning slightly substantiated because the more it gets brought up, the more and more I believe it may just happen.

Here’s the back story:

Justin is accepting the initial Michael Jackson Vanguard Award this Sunday and because of that, coupled with some recent photos of the entire group together (outside of J.C. Chasez) at a Jay-Z concert, people think it’d be a natural place for the group to re-form.

I CONCUR!!!! And am beyond excited about the possibility – after all, it’s been TWELVE YEARS (2001) since ‘N Sync last performed on stage at the VMA’s.

My hunch? There has ALWAYS been a reunion tour planned once Justin decides he has more time to pursue that. I do NOT believe an actual TOUR will occur for another year or two.

However, I DO think that because of the hype this has created, and nobody confirming or denying the VMA performance rumor, that it WILL happen. They may call it a “one time deal” or even say “in the future there will be more.”

So if I were a betting man (which I am), I’d wager a SMALL amount of money there will be some sort of performance as JT accepts the award Sunday, which will lead to even further speculation about when a full fledged tour will occur. We will not get that answer anytime soon because quite frankly, JT is the main cog of ‘N Sync, and he’s busy as hell with movies and his solo career, so why would he want to step aside to do that right now and furthermore, how would he have the time??

Either way though, one thing is for certain – the fact that this is even being discussed as a POSSIBILITY is exciting and really special.

Hope you’ll join me in watching and waiting Sunday night as we find out the answers on the VMA’s with MTV.

Until next time, take care, and keep livin’ the 90’s dream!

-Dave O