JT, Amy & RIP Kidd


Since all we do is the 1990’s on Round Trip and we have a dream of ‘N Sync getting back together, we will start with an update on “’N Sync Front Man Justin Timberlake.” And yes, we realize we’re the only ones in the world who still refer to JT as being from ‘N Sync. Haha.

With that said, there are obviously oodles and oodles of news items to discuss when you mention JT, including an AWESOME new album (The 20/20 Experience – check it out if you haven’t heard it), but the one we want to focus on is his new movie called “Runner Runner,” which hits theaters on October 4th!

First of all, the movie sounds kick ass because JT is in it with stars like Ben Affleck, Gemma Arterton (or Gretel from Hansel & Gretel), Anthony Mackie, etc, etc.

But mostly, since certain members of this show MIGHT have a gambling addiction, it appeals because it’s the story of JT cracking and defeating an on-line casino as a broke college student, and then flying overseas to confront the head of the on-line casino. Uh-mazing!

You can see the trailer for the movie right here:

Next, an update on Amy Grant, who is still touring and making new music.

And boy, is she EVER making new music, with her new album “How Mercy Looks From Here” recently debuting at #1 on Billboard’s Christian Albums Chart. And how about this… according to her website, www.amygrant.com, that extended her streak even further for the most leaders (16) in that chart’s history. Pretty amazing that Aimers is still going strong (I wonder if I’m allowed to call her Aimers?)!

Last, this doesn’t pertain to 1990’s news, but I want to share my thoughts and condolences to the family, friends and listeners of the Kidd Kraddick show. I know several of our wonderful stations that carry Round Trip also have Kidd on their radio station.

I don’t really know where to even start with how big of a tragedy his passing was. It sounds as if it was heart issues that killed Kidd, and perhaps they could have been prevented with medical checkups. As this is being written, the speculation is that he hadn’t seen a doctor in awhile, which makes it even more of a tragedy.

But either way, we lost a great man who was a pioneer in the entertainment industry and a man who touched millions of lives in ways he could never comprehend. Kraddick was a caring guy and giving individual, too, who passed away while raising money for a cause and charity he believed strongly in.
I never got a chance to meet him, but I had past co-workers who knew him very well. They raved of him and said he was a “genius” and a “very good man.”

I am honored to have shared the airwaves with Kidd on stations throughout the U.S.A. & know I’m not alone in saying an extra prayer for his family and friends as they try to come to grips with this tragedy.

As I like to say when a radio personality passes on, one positive is that music lovers in heaven just got a wonderful entertainer for “KGOD.” You and I both know Kidd has his head phones on and is making people laugh once again.

R.I.P. Kidd.

-Dave O