Melissa, Ricky & More

MelDue to vacation last week, we begin this edition with a HUGE belated congratulations to Melissa Etheridge!

That’s because she recently announced she would marry her longtime partner, producer Linda Wallem (whose put together such shows as “Nurse Jackie”).

Previously, Etheridge and Wallem were awaiting the Supreme Court to rule in support of same-sex marriage, and with the announcement that this occurred, the two wasted no time in turning to twitter to break the news! Here’s to a lifetime of happiness for both Etheridge and Wallem.

Next, we get to a complaint tweet (love these!!!) from Mindy in Auburn, Alabama. She tweets to us (@roundtrip90s):

“Dig the show & site. Why no Ricky Martin news tho? Duh, new single!”

Mindy, we DID mention this on a recent episode of “Round Trip” but you’re correct, Ricky DOES have a new single out, “Come With Me.” It has been available for download for just over a month, since the first week of June.

But I’ll raise the stakes and take this one step further, ‘cuz not only does Ricky have a new single, but he’s also been very busy as a vocal coach on The Voice Australia! He just wrapped up the final broadcasts of the season, actually, and we’re hoping for another big music announcement from him real soon.

Last, and this isn’t necessarily news, but I found it quite funny this week when a buddy of mine sent me a link from the Janet Jackson official website, so I wanted to share with you a back story.

One of my favorite movies from the ’90’s is “Poetic Justice,” and I noticed Beyonce rockin’ the “Janet Jackson braids” from that movie in the last few months, but never really thought anything of it.

But apparently, she’s far from the only one reppin’ the old school JJ braids, as the article on Janet’s website points out other celebs, such as Christina Milian, doing the same thing. I have to admit that as a straight single male, I was quite proud of myself noticing the trend coming back and thus, had to share the quick story with you.

Check it out at:

Until next time, take care, and keep livin’ the 90’s dream!!

-Dave O