Dave, Fergie & More

I have to admit that I’ve always admired Dave Matthews and the fact that he’s so down to earth. Whether it be playing softball with radio station staff and listeners at a past radio job of mine, reading a candid (and refreshing) interview in Playboy (which I get for the articles!) or pouring his feelings and emotions into his songs, I don’t think there are a lot more genuine people in music (or down to earth for that matter) than the guy they call “Dave.”

So how about yet another cool DMB story?

Turns out he was on his way to do a concert in Hershey, Pennsylvania earlier this week, when his bicycle broke down on a highway. Matthews didn’t have his cell phone along for the ride, so he was stuck on the side of the road with his bike.

That’s when a young couple pulled over and decided to help the random cyclist. It took about two minutes until they realized it was one of their heroes – Dave Matthews himself! They picked up his bike, drove him to Hershey and he responded by giving the couple front row tickets, backstage passes and autographs.

Can you imagine some of the punks in music today riding their bike to a concert, without any security? Dave is “the man!” “The Biebs” could learn a thing (or 500) from him.

Next, we want to offer up congratulations to Goo Goo Dolls lead singer John Rzeznik, whose getting married in exactly two weeks.

Rzeznik is forty seven years old, and this will be his second marriage, to a woman named Melina Gallo. The two have been an “item” for eight years and finally decided to tie the knot (good move, John – women tend to get antsy!). Kind of a cool story on how they met, BTW. Gallo was at a “record store” in New York City when Rzeznik approached her. You know the relationship has been around awhile since there was still a “record store” around at the time of the meeting!

Lastly, Melina Gallo will not be the only woman “changing her name” in the coming weeks.

That’s because Fergie (former Wild Orchid lead singer – screw the Black Eyed Peas, we only do 90’s here! Haha) is legally changing her name from Stacy Ann Ferguson to Fergie Duhamel. And the reason her lawyer gives makes me smile.

“Fergie would like to conform to the first name which she is commonly and professionally known as, and has for many years.”

More power to her – I suppose we learned in the song “Fergalicious” not to call her Stacy, after all.

Until next time, take care, and keep livin’ the 90’s dream!

-Dave O