Hi-Five, Eve 6 & More

Lots of tidbits to cover in this edition of “Back In The Day Buzz,” so let’s get started!

I’m excited right off the bat to announce that Hi-Five is back together and ready to start doing shows! You may have heard our interview with Marcus Sanders of Hi-Five several months back (you can find it by clicking on “90’s Connections” on this very website) in which he had mentioned there was a DVD, possibly a book and other stuff to come.

Well, in my opinion, this is even MORE EXCITING!!! Hi-Five will have at least three members from the original lineup as it heads out to do shows.

Of course, if you somehow never heard, lead singer Tony Thompson was lost way too young (at the age of 31 in 2007), but it’s great to see that Hi-Five continues to do what they do best – sing and perform! And as always, R.I.P. to Tony.

Next, some news on Jennifer Paige, who is yet ANOTHER artist you can hear from on this website by clicking on “90’s Connections.”

Paige has a brand new EP out (“Stay”) as part of a duo called “Paige & Palermo.” The Palermo would be Coury Palermo, and the two have gotten GLOWING REVIEWS on the new music, including being compared to Fleetwood Mac as “the Fleetwood Mac of their generation.” (that according to MTV Buzzworthy!)

The new music comes after Paige lost both of her parents within a couple of weeks of each other (completely tragic and heart breaking). I LOVE this new collaboration and highly suggest you look into downloading it – truly beautiful. And Paige is one of the sweetest girls you will ever come across!

Last, I want to update you on Eve 6, who will be joining us live on the show in about three weeks. The duo, led by frontman Max Collins, will be discussing their album which was released last spring, as well as a brand new Collins one. I can also confirm that the rumors of Eve 6 soon “moving on” again are true, unfortunately, though they are still doing some sporadic shows. It appears as if the band mates will “go their separate ways” again soon though, with Collins having a wife and kids, and other group members pursuing other projects (as well as Collins’ solo project).

Still, it’ll be great to hear from Collins and talk about both today and “the good old days!” (including mentions of “The Bonfire Tour” with Third Eye Blind in 1998… we asked Stephan Jenkins of TEB about that awhile back and how a bus caught on fire during the show and you guessed it… you can also hear that interview by clicking on “90’s Connections!”).

Gee, notice a them here?!?!

Until next time, take care, and keep livin’ the 90’s dream!

-Dave O