Def Leppard, Madonna & More

defLet’s start off this edition of “Back In The Day Buzz” with bittersweet news about Def Leppard guitarist Vivian Campbell.

The bitter?

Campbell has been diagnosed with cancer (Hodgkin’s Lymphoma).

The sweet?

The cancer is 80% curable, according to Campbell, who recently said the following.

“6 months of chemotherapy is the prescribed treatment (for me). I’m about 2 months in and feeling rather spiffy, all things considered. Hodgkin’s has over an 80% cure rate, so by my reckoning, if you’re going to have cancer, Hodgie’s is the one to have!”

He goes on.

“The reason I’m sharing this with you is because, despite cancer and chemo, me and my new aerodynamic hairstyle (no hair) are going on tour this summer with the band and I don’t want anyone to be so shocked by new look that they ask for a refund. Simple economics, really.”

Our thoughts here at Round Trip are with Campbell and we are hoping his upbeat and positive attitude will lead him to kicking Hodgkin’s ass!!!

Staying with that theme of “kicking ass,” Madonna did something really cool earlier this week – she invited 500 fans to workout with her!!!

I thought this quote from Madonna was absolutely money.

“I think it’s fun to get in a room and sweat with people. I’m happy to share my workouts with everyone! “

So far, no word on the exact specifics of what the workout entailed, but I do know one thing – if my future wife looks even 10% as beautiful as Madonna at 54, I’ll be a lucky, lucky man! Hard to believe she’s 54!!!!

That’s it for this edition – Eve 6 frontman Max Collins is on the show with us next week, Art from Everclear in a few and Alice Deejay soon after that! Also expect to have Rob Thomas of Matchbox 20 and Jon Rzeznik of Goo Goo Dolls soon, too!

Until next time, take care, and keep livin’ the 90’s dream!

-Dave O