R.I.P. Chris Kelly


May 1st, 2013 was a sad day for 90’s fans, and I have really struggled throughout the last week in dealing with the death of Chris Kelly from “Kris Kross.”

At first, I wanted to wait and see what the cause of death was before I wrote. Then, when it became apparent it was a drug overdose (a combination of cocaine and heroine, or a “speed ball,” according to his mother), I was sitting down to write my thoughts on the situation, before I heard the last interview Kelly did just a few hours before his death, and saw a disturbing video of Kelly’s last few hours alive as well on TMZ. He was seemingly “high” and rapping to his own song, but very uncomfortably, because somebody was shooting the video on their phone, and Chris didn’t seem real happy about it.

I don’t even know what to say… Chris was only 34 and according to his family, had struggled with drugs for a long, long time. Some close friends to Chris say that he had cleaned up his act for awhile, but after the recent Kris Kross reunion show with So-So Def (as we wrote about a couple months back), Chris fell back into his old ways.

Drugs are an addiction that is so awful, not only because of what they do to the person taking them, but also to loved ones around, too. I have a close friend whose brother is in rehab for the 4th time because of heroin and cocaine, and I know the hurt, pain and agony that she and her family feel in trying to help him. It really, truly saddens me hearing and witnessing Kelly’s last few hours alive from the above mentioned clips, but I’m glad I listened and watched, for its a reminder of how lives can completely be torn apart by something as simple as drugs. Perhaps others will see and hear these clips who will think twice about using drugs, or maybe even if they’re already addicted, this will somehow serve as a wake up call and help them. I don’t know anyone in the Kelly family but I’m quite positive they’d like to know that this helped somebody heal.

All I can say in closing is this… R.I.P. To “The Mac Daddy.”

You will be missed.

Until next time, take care, and keep livin’ the 90’s dream.

-Dave O