Christina, Firehouse & More


For others who LOVE Christina Aguilera, hopefully you saw the news earlier this week that she is set to re-join “The Voice” (along with Cee-Lo Green) this fall!

That’s probably good news, too, after Adam Levine of Maroon 5’s recent rant on how, “I hate this country.” If you missed it, two of his pupils were voted off of the show, and he was caught on mic uttering those words under his breath. To his credit, Levine did comment on the situation, and went on to say it was a figure of speech and a total joke, which I agree with, but still, not the best publicity for the show at the moment, either.

But I digress on that point – because if Christina is coming on the show, that’s all that matters – I’ll be DVR’ing every single episode again this fall!

In more good news, Firehouse fans (and fans of early 90’s “hair bands” in general) will be happy to hear that Bill Leverty (of Firehouse) has a new album out, called “Drive.”

I have listened to the album on a free app called “Marlon Montgomery Music” and it is AWESOME. Vintage hints of Firehouse but also a really new, cool, fresh sound. It’s ten of Leverty’s favorite songs of all-time recorded in a truly unique way. Definitely encourage you to check it out and you can also get an autographed CD copy of the album soon by visiting Bill Leverty’s website at:

That’s it for this edition – and as always, THANK YOU for all of the e-mails ( and tweets (@roundtrip90s) that you keep sending our way. We’re nothing without all of you!

Until next time, take care, and keep livin’ the 90’s dream!

-Dave O