Marky Mark…Back?

I feel like each “Back In The Day Buzz” article is “Groundhog Day” over the last couple of months… and I’m LOVING THAT!!!

That’s because every single week, it seems like we either have a ’90’s group getting back together for a new album or tour, or one that teases us with the possibility of this occurring.

The latest? MARKY MARK & THE FUNKY BUNCH could be getting back together!!!! Yes, let that sink in for a second……. MARKY MARK & THE FUNKY BUNCH!!!

As in, Mark Wahlberg and his group have thrown the possibility around of a reunion. And, out of all of the recent reunions, this one would have seemed the biggest of long shots to even be considered.

I have never met Mark Wahlberg personally, but have several friends throughout the entertainment industry that have. I have been told on more than one occasion that in the past, if you called Walhberg “Marky Mark” or even brought up those days, you would have the interview immediately ceased and be told to “move along.” So when Wahlberg said last week that “I might get the band back together – I just have to find the right time,” that was pretty amazing.

The Funky Bunch responded by saying to TMZ: “Our initial reaction was that it would be amazing if he were to want to reunite with the group. We always had the want of getting back together as a group but once Mark’s acting career took off it became obvious it wasn’t going to happen.”

So, what will happen? We will just have to wait and see… but my guess is a summer tour in 2014 and one more album – think something like New Kids or BSB with Marky Mark & The Funky Bunch. Something along the lines of this summer’s “Package Tour” with New Kids on The Block, Boyz II Men & 98 Degrees, where all three tour and release a new album.

One other thing – after being excited beyond belief about the possibility of the group getting back together, I couldn’t help but wonder a question I’ve often thought of: who the heck ARE the Funky Bunch, anyway?!?! I never really thought to research it until now.

In case you’re also wondering, they were Ashley Ace, Scottie Gee, Hector the Booty Inspector (how can you not LOVE that name?!?!) and DJ-T. None have gone on to much in regards to individual performance careers, but they’re all bad asses in our hearts!

By the way, do you think Cedric the Entertainer got inspiration for his name from Hector the Booty Inspector? He should if he didn’t. 🙂

Until next time, take care, and keep livin’ the 90’s dream!

Dave O