Boy Band Central

If you like boy bands, this edition of “Back In The Day Buzz” is for you! Lots of AWESOME news (and new albums, too!).

We start off by talking about one of my favorites, 98 Degrees.

I have lined up Jeff Timmons of 98 Degrees to be on the show the weekend of March 16th. We spoke a bit in advance of the interview and he informed me of a few exciting things:

1. A new 98 Degrees album in mid-summer.
2. A new single in early May.
3. More dates being added on “The Package Tour” with New Kids On The Block & Boyz II Men!!!

Speaking of Boyz II Men, though I don’t consider them a true “boy band,” we’ll give them some love as well, as they have an album recently released, too, called “Twenty.” BTW, is it possible to pick a favorite Boyz II men song? So much great stuff!

New Kids On The Block also has a new album coming out soon – “10.” Look for it to be released in mid-April.

Next, we check in on Backstreet Boys, and some exciting news regarding group member Howie D. It was announced last Saturday that he and wife Leigh gave birth to their second son – Holden John Dorough.

The baby was healthy and 6 pounds, 15 ounces and 20 inches! Happy for Howie D, who is one of the most personable guys you’ll ever meet.

Last, we discuss ‘N Sync’s Justin Timberlake, who finally announced a 100% firm date for his new album, “The 20/20 Experience” – March 19th.

If “Suit & Tie” is any sign of how the rest of the album will sound, this will definitely be worth purchasing as soon as possible.

And how about that for a large amount of ’90’s boy band news in a small amount of time?

I want to let you know I am working to officially get Color Me Badd and Soul For Real on the show, too, so I’ll have more news on them soon!

Until next time, Take Care, and keep livin’ the 90’s dream!

-Dave O