Happy Holidays & New Year

Since we’ve now officially made it through December 21st, we can enjoy the Holidays and no longer worry about the world ending. I am shocked that the Mayans (and forecasters) were wrong on this one, totally shocked. 🙂

To be serious, I want to wish you and your family Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year. I had a long article ready to publish about a few 90’s stars, but will save that for the next time I write in early 2013.

That’s because I keep constantly thinking about the tragedies in Newtown, Connecticut and how I hope we all learn from them. Not only do I mean that in regards to some form of gun control (no, I DO NOT think we should ban guns), but I also mean that as far as the important relationships in our lives, too.

Life is just too short to not tell those close to us what they mean to us and more importantly, SHOW THEM what they mean.

Whether it be through words or hugs, I encourage you to slow down your life this Holiday season and try not to lose focus on what is most important in our lives – family.

Sure, sometimes they drive us nuts and sure, sometimes we just want to distance ourselves.

But think for a minute if they were gone, in a flash, just like THAT. Do they know how you feel? Would you be able to comprehend how much you’d miss them? Have no regrets by putting it all out there but even further, build your own self by investing into those relationships.

While doing so will not bring back the beautiful lives we lost in Newtown (not even close), it will certainly be a small, small step in making sure those lives weren’t lost for nothing. We owe it to those people to not only remember them, but to also better ourselves.

God Bless you and yours this Holiday season, and thank you for welcoming “Round Trip” into your life in 2012.

-Dave O