Jovi, Adams & More

By now you have no doubt heard about Jon Bon Jovi’s 19-year old daughter Stephanie, who suffered an overdose on heroin two weeks ago while at college in upstate New York (Hamilton College). Stephanie was rushed to a hospital that day (November 14th), eventually released and has been cleared of wrong doing from the law.

There are nice photos all over the Internet of Stephanie and her Dad from over Thanksgiving break in the Hampton’s. Bon Jovi has called the November 14th event “a tragedy” and he is no doubt very thankful that he didn’t lose her to such a terrible drug. Here’s to hoping that Stephanie gets any help and support she needs and pulls through this stronger than she ever was before. Heroin (or any drug) is obviously scary and has the potential for addiction (not saying she is; just emphasizing how scary that possibility is to imagine).

On the brighter side, we stick with the rock music genre of 1990’s artists and give you some cool news about Bryan Adams.

You may have seen the Canadian rocker on CNN recently promoting his new book, which just came out earlier this week and is available in many North American bookstores. It’s a photo book called “EXPOSED” and can be found on, too.

Basically, the book is a ton of portraits that Adams took of many friends and co-workers in the entertainment industry. I have yet to see a copy of the book but have been told that Adams is actually surprisingly talented with the camera. That doesn’t surprise me, because somebody with such a passion for something (like Adams with music) is often really good at anything they “go after” because they feel like if they’re going to do it, they’re going to “do it right.”

Finally, we answer a tweet (@roundtrip90s) from Haley in Marquette, Michigan.

“Any news on Marc Anthony? He’s the sexiest man alive.”

Haley, things are mostly quiet with Anthony. I doubt I have any news that you aren’t already aware of, such as the fact that Anthony recorded a duet recently with Tony Bennett or that he mentored on the “X Factor” back in October.

Other than that, I have virtually nothing to tell you, other than one of Anthony’s old pals, Enrique Iglesias, will be joining us live on the show in about two weeks! So that is definitely something to look forward to.

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Until next time, Take Care, and keep livin’ the 90’s dream!!

-Dave O