Green Day, Train & More

CSI: NY has become my favorite television show, and I DVR it every single Friday night.

So, it was interesting last night to watch the first ever episode where entire scenes were free of dialogue, and instead, used the music of Green Day.

I don’t want to spoil too much of the episode because you can certainly Hulu it or find it on CBS’ website, but on this week’s show, a political candidate is murdered, and during a few scenes, you hear a few different Greenday songs from their new albums Uno!, Dos! and Tre!

Hope you get a chance to watch the show if you missed it and in the future, you should definitely consider DVR’ing the series. Afterall, how bad ass is it to see Gary Sinise as a cop?!?! Lt. Dan, people!!!

Moving on, the band Train is now offering wine and chocolate on their website!

You might say, “wait a minute, Train wasn’t a 90’s band?!?!”

You’d be wrong, because “Meet Virginia” came out in 1999 and was their first hit.

Anyway, the point in bringing up train is you can get “Save Me, San Francisco” wine and chocolates in honor of their album with the same title. More information at

Last, an e-mail from Scott in Kansas City.

“…Dave O, which 90’s autographed CD’s do you give away on the website?”

Scott, it just depends on the month. We’ve given away anything from 98 Degrees to Third Eye Blind and soon, we’ll have a big collection of Lisa Loeb CD’s to give away. To sign up, just look for the graphic on the main home page of this website – it takes about 30 seconds and before you know it, a signed CD could be arriving in your mailbox from your favorite 90’s star!

Until next time, Keep livin’ the 90’s dream and take care!

-Dave O