TLC, Creed & More

It has been quite the journey for “T-Boz” of TLC throughout the last six years.

First, in 2006, T-Boz (real name Tionne Watkins) had a brain tumor that threatened her life. Many felt as though even if she recovered, she wouldn’t ever be the same.

Then, T-Boz filed for bankruptcy late last year, which was in large part because of her medical bills and obviously, TLC no longer being active as a group.

Well that’s all changing, with TLC doing shows again AND T-Boz now having her own reality show on…….. wait for it…… TLC!

That’s right, TLC will be on TLC.

The show is called “Totally T-Boz” and to this point, approximately five episodes have been ordered. We’ll look forward to seeing that soon.

Meanwhile, Jennie in Kansas City sent us a tweet (@roundtrip90s) and asks, “if we know anything about Creed’s tour coming to America.”

Jennie, I have bad news for you… because Creed was already doing an American tour this past summer!!!

It’s called “2 Nights Live” and they would perform all of their early stuff one night, and the later stuff another. Pretty cool concept, actually, that I’d like to see other artists folow suit on. For example, could you imagine Madonna playing ALL of her hits?!? That would definitely take a couple of nights and would be insanely AWESOME to see.

The only good news for Jennie is that Creed IS currently touring in Indonesia, The Phillipines and Brazil. A true diehard will drop all the money it requires to fly over there and see them. 😉 😉 Step it up a notch, Jen!

Last, another tweet comes from Dan in Bemidji, Minnesota, and he asks, “any update on Frederick from Natural Selection finding Elliot?”

Before we answer the question, some background.

Natural Selection was made up of Frederick Thomas and Elliot Erickson, and we interviewed them awhile back on the show. You can hear it by clicking on 90S CONNECTIONS at the top of the page or just by doing a search.

Anyway, Frederick informed us that he hadn’t heard from Elliot in many years, nor had anyone else. He was looking for him but had no clue where to start. His last “sniff” of Elliot was a Salt Lake City address, but that hadn’t worked anymore.

So fast forward to now, amd Dan is asking for an update. I have this to report:

Nothing. 🙁

I actually haven’t reached out to Frederick in a few months, but I will do so again soon and see if I hear anything. If so, I will post it in a future Back In The Day Buzz.

That’s the latest in the world of ’90’s pop!

Until next time, keep livin’ the 90’s dream, and Take Care!

-Dave O