Sugar Ray, J-Lo & More

We start this week by answering a listener e-mail, sent to It comes to us from Lexi in Indianapolis.

“…and I’m wondering if you can catch up with Sugar Ray soon! I always thought they were so great. You’ve talked to everyone else. Can you update us on them? Thanks.”

Lexi, Sugar Ray, led by 90’s heart throb Mark McGrath, is still very much around and yes, we will talk with them in the near future.

Actually, at the moment, Sugar Ray is out on tour with several bands we’ve recently interviewed – Gin Blossoms, Marcy Playground, Everclear and Lit! Its called the “Summerland Tour” and is of course, 90’s based.

Besides that, Sugar Ray will be doing some international touring soon, including South America in October!

Moving on, I spoke with Jennifer Lopez recently and will be playing it back on Round Trip in the next few weeks. Don’t want to spoil it too much, but we of course discussed American Idol and Mariah Carey “jumping on board.” She was happy for Mariah but also wanted to make it clear that she had ZERO hard feelings toward Idol, and left on her own accord, to pursue music, movies and her family, including the twins! She also said something I found interesting: “Don’t count me out. I’ll be doing something with them again in the future.”

So for J-Lo fans, that is good news! And intriguing for Idol fans, too.

Finally, how about this news.. A BRAND NEW BEN FOLDS FIVE ALBUM!!!

Yes, not BEN FOLDS, but rather, BEN FOLDS FIVE!!! As in, the first Ben Folds Five album in thirteen years.

The album will be coming out in September and yes, the band will be touring. Great news for 90’s fans who loved the song “Brick,” off of the great album “Forever & Ever Amen.” Can’t wait for it.

Until next time, Take Care, and “Keep livin’ the 90’s dream!”

-Dave O