Alanis, P. Diddy & More

It seems like every single day, there’s different news on Ameican Idol.

First, it was Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler not returning as judges.

Then, Mariah Carey was hired in place of Jennifer Lopez. Her salary seemingly changed with every news report.

Next, we heard rumors of P. Diddy taking over for Steven Tyler. Then, it was John Mayer. Now, whose on first?

Well, the latest rumor shows Alanis Morissette taking over, and the way things sound, this could be a done deal by the time this story publishes. I’d LOVE to see Alanis get a chance to judge. To me, she is the most under appreciated artist of the ’90’s, and one of the kindest, most down to earth performers I’ve ever enjoyed the pleasure of meeting. Truly a class act and extremely humble.

Alanis is excited about this opportunity, and I’m sure between having having a 20 month old son (Ever), she’s on Cloud Nine! We’ll see what happens.

Next, it was good to see so many 90’s stars perform spectacularly during the Olympic closing ceremonies, from Spice Girls to George Michael, Oasis to Take That lead singer Gary Barlow.

Its Barlow that I actually want to discuss, as he’s being highly criticized for performing just days after his daughter (Poppy) was delivered stillborn. Such a tragedy, and first of all, our thoughts go out to Gary.

Second, its really too bad that so many columnists, websites and bloggers are going out of their way to talk down to Gary, claiming things like, “he did it for the money,” “he’s using the tragedy to sell records,” etc. Give me a freaking break – nobody has a clue what Gary is going through, and the pain he and his family must feel. Nobody is in position to judge him, and nobody knows what might keep his sanity going and offer him a distraction, if even for just a few minutes, in an otherwise horrific time of his life. To judge someone else before ever walking a mile in their shoes is something that should never be done.

The Internet is a great thing, but it can be abused, too, as we see in this case. If Gary ever googles his name and comes across this, God Bless you and your family, and our thoughts and prayers are with you.

Sorry to preach, but I’m fired up. I’ll try to be more calm next time. 🙂

Until next time, Take Care, and “Keep livin’ the 90’s dream!”

-Dave O