Usher, Meatloaf & More

Believe it or not, there was more happening in celebrity news over the past week than Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes filing for divorce. However, like Tom and Katie, neither of our first two stories are exactly uplifting.

We start with Usher, who had a bizarre woman at his front door late at night and had to call 911. If you want to hear the tapes, they’re all over the Internet.

Apparently, the woman, who was later arrested and identified as Darshelle Jones-Rakestraw, had come to Usher’s home earlier in the day when he was not home and was temporarily allowed access when her identity was mistaken. Usher heard about the incident when he got home and later at night, with his young kids asleep in the house, she returned, but this time, sat down on his front doorstep, plugged in her IPAD to charge and waited for him to come outside. Police got there during the 911 call, she was taken for psychiatric evaluation and Usher is in the process of gaining a restraining order against the woman. Scary story.

Next, a somewhat similar story regarding Meatloaf – as in, an attempt at invading his privacy.

This time, its via the Internet, as Meatloaf is filing a lawsuit against a man who runs a Meatloaf website that may make it appear that he is the real Meatloaf. The man is a well known Meatloaf tribute/cover singer, and has a real similar web URL to what the official Meatloaf website is. We will not publish this site’s address but will let you know that Meatloaf is expected to have it taken down shortly, perhaps before our publish time. Meatloaf is rightfully concerned fans will believe this man is the real Meatloaf, which could in turn create many bad scenarios.

Last, we answer an e-mail question sent to .

Felicity in Auburn, Alabama writes:

“Whatever happened to the guy who sang “Butterfly Kisses?” That was me and my Daddy’s song. Thanks, love the show. The radio station I listen to just started playing it last week. I’ll listen each week!”

Thanks for writing Felicity and you’re of course talking about Bob Carlisle, who wrote that song for his daughter Brooke.

To be honest, I have no clue what happened to him. I CAN tell you he went on to record Christian music for a few years after “Butterfly Kisses” came out but musically, the trail grows cold on him around 2001. I have attempted twice to reach out to him through record company connections I have but so far, have come up unsuccessfully. He is definitely an artist I would love to have on the show in the future so keep listening and I’ll see if I can “hunt him down” for an interview.

Until next time, Take Care, and “Keep livin’ the 90’s dream!”

-Dave O