Usher, Mariah & More

We begin this week by sending our thoughts, strength and prayers out to the family of Usher Raymond and his ex-wife, Tameka Foster.

Roughly two weeks ago, Kile Glover, who was only eleven years old, was jet skiing when a family friend accidentally struck the jet ski Kile was riding. Glover had been on life support for several days since the wreck and before the tough decision to pull him off was made.

I can’t even imagine the pain and suffering for both Usher and Tameka, and will keep them in my thoughts. Its another reminder of never taking a single day for granted, and always doing your best to make someone smile. You never know what awful things somebody could be going through, and kindness, along with a zest for life, is a powerful thing that can really help another human being. I believe that all we can do is bond together as human beings to get through the curve balls we are thrown in life.

We go from an extremely sad story to one that ends in solace for a family, as Michael and Janet Jackson’s mother Katherine was found alive and well earlier this week after a missing person’s report was filed. It was a very scary time for the family, but Katherine checked in from Arizona and let everyone know she was okay. Friends, family and authorities had feared for the worst, as Katherine is currently in the middle of nasty settlements in regards to the death of Michael Jackson and her health has reportedly not been the best. Here’s to many more good years for Katherine!

Last, some exciting news for Mariah Carey, who is set to join American Idol as a judge after 90’s stars Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez have exited the show. And wow, what a nice payday for Mariah – she’ll get $12 million dollars to be on the show for season one, which is the same salary J-Lo got initially. And there could be more exciting news coming any day – rumors have it that either Miley Cyrus or Adam Levine could be the final judge named. I’m hoping for Adam – need to have another voice of reason, aka a man’s, on the show. Haha. I kid, I kid.

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Until next time, Take Care, and “Keep livin’ the 90’s dream!”

-Dave O