Carla Vanessa Interview

Back in 1996, the Bayside Boys remixed Los Del Rio’s “Macarena” into a worldwide smash! Everywhere you went, you heard it. Everywhere you looked, someone was dancing it! But a big question at the time was, who was the female singing it?!? Turns out, it was Carla Vanessa, who joined forces with the Bayside Boys for the song and later, was a member of Miami Sound Machine. Dave O recently SKYPED with Carla Vanessa to talk about the worldwide craze that was and is the “Macarena,” as well as her Miami Sound Machine days, being voted one of the Top 25 sexiest women in the world and weird guys with foot fetishes…??!!?? *** NOTE *** There isn’t a bigger sweetheart in music than Carla Vanessa!