BSB, Sheryl Crow & More

Hard to believe that its already been a year since the NKOTBSB tour across the U.S.A. Luckily, we WILL get to see a similar show again soon, as we were told by Howie D of BSB when he joined us on the New Years Eve Top 20 Boy Band Hits of the 90’s show.

In the meantime, while you wait for all of that awesomeness to return to our beautiful country, there is good news, my friend, because if you have a nice bankroll, they JUST kicked off the same tour in Europe. And this weekend, they’re in Denmark and Sweden. (light bulb going off……ideas, ideas… Europe… hmmm?)

However, more than likely, as tempting as that trip sounds, there’s reality in the way, and if you work in radio like myself, you’re stuck with CD’s and I Tunes. But hey, it doesn’t hurt to have a dream trip, does it?!?

Meanwhile, it’s been quite some time since we checked in on Sheryl Crow, who has a new album out, called “100 Miles from Memphis.” It’s more of a southern soul sound than I am comfortable with, but I am a big fan of Sheryl’s and encourage you to check out the album if you are, too. She is also actively touring, too.

Finally, a quick question from Eric in Kansas City via our twitter (@roundtrip90s).

“You mentioned awhile back you’d have Sir Mix-A-Lot on the show soon. Update or did I miss it? Thanks.”

Eric, thanks for reading so closely as I did mention that awhile back and YES, we WILL have Mix on a show soon. He has been really busy with some new ventures he is starting, but I spoke with him earlier this week and its looking like he’ll join us in early to mid June.

Got a question you want answered? A group you want us to hunt down and interview? Wanna tell me I rock? Wanna tell me I suck?

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