Tom Petty, Britney Spears & More

It was a happy ending this week for Tom Petty and his band, when five of their stolen guitars, valued at over $100,000, were found, and a thief, busted.

It all began when Petty and company were rehearsing in Culver City, California for their tour, which began Wednesday. At some point, the guitars were swapped from the sound stage and as a result, Petty had to spend around $100,000 to replace them, just in case they weren’t found.

Well, of course they were found, after the idiot who stole them (a security guard at the sound stage) tried to pawn them off at a Los Angeles Pawn Shop. Duh – the most publicized stolen guitar case in many years, within the same two day period, in the same city, and you think you can pawn them off? Wow. Moron.

I have no use for thieves, especially after having both my home and car broken into the last couple of years. Put that time and effort of stealing from another innocent human being into planning an honest career/living and maybe, just maybe, you’ll make a lot more money, and not have to visit Bubba in the State Pen.

Next, the latest on the Britney Spears/Simon Cowell rumors – more in particular, that she will soon be joining the X Factor as a judge.

It appeared as if this was imminent about a week ago, and a near done deal, but the contract (as of press time) has yet to be signed. Cowell continues to publicly speak about how he “must have Britney” and that he “thinks it will happen,” so I have to believe it’s only a matter of hours until Britney is officially a member of the show.

Good for her – always loved Brit.

Last, and I’m aware this group is not really a 90’s group (though they did have minor success in the decade), but sad to hear that Colin Hay of Men At Work passed away on Thursday. “Who Can It Be Now” remains one of my favorite songs and may Colin Rest In Peace, while his music stays behind and plays for generations to come.