TLC, Nelson and More

Lots of concert news this week!!!

For starters, TLC surviving members “T-Boz” and “Chilli” announced that the group would go on their first U.S. tour in nine years, in honor of the late ‘Left Eye,’ who was killed in a tragic car crash exactly ten years ago this week. Also, in honor of the 20th anniversary of when things ‘got going’ for them.

It was certainly an emotional announcement for the two members to make, who we hope to have on the show in the coming months.

And what a great tour it will be – sometimes I forget how many huge hits TLC had, from “No Scrubs” to “Waterfalls” to “Baby, Baby, Baby” to “What About Your Friends” to “Unpretty.”

Staying with concert news, I feel like I’m back in my Music Appreciation class in college again, because I’m about to give a review of a show. In particular, I saw the “Ricky Nelson Remembered” concert with Gunnar and Matthew Nelson earlier this week (aka, the Nelson twins – aka, “Love & Affection” & “After The Rain). And the show was AWESOME.

Its actually the second time I’ve seen the show, as they came near me back in the fall of 2010, too. For those who aren’t aware, the Nelson family is the only one in history to achieve #1 hits in three consecutive generations, from Ozzie & Harriet to Ricky Nelson to Nelson. And for those who aren’t aware, Ricky Nelson is their father, and he is the only person in U.S. History to have a #1 movie, #1 TV show and #1 song in the same week.

The show is A MUST SEE and features video clips from the Nelson family library, as well as the twins playing all of their Dad’s hits. The cool thing about this tour is that some of Ricky Nelson’s original “Stone Canyon Band” is also along. A DEFINITE SEE if it comes to a city near you – And check out “90s Connections” to hear an interview.

Last, I’m happy to announce two things about Martiz Ware of 4 P.M.

First, he was married last weekend to his longtime sweetheart Rebecca. And second, he will be joining us live on the show this weekend.

Coincidentally, this weekend is also “Larry” from 4 P.M.’s Birthday.

How do I know all this stuff?

I hide in bushes near celebrities houses.

-Dave O