Justin, All-4-One & More

Just before last Christmas, it became rumored that Justin Timberlake had proposed to Jessica Biel while they were in Jackson, Wyoming. The reports were further validated when she showed off a killer rock on her finger a few weeks later at an awards show.

Well, time for a collective “awwww” moment… Ready?!?

Reports are surfacing that Timberlake and Biel are planning a “big summer wedding” and that Justin promises to make it the sweetest and most beautiful day of Jessica’s life. He apparently sees “nobody but her” and hints at all of their friends being there with some big surprises…


Next, Delious Kennedy from All-4-One and I recently caught up, and he’s booked for an interview in early May on the show. He currently has a new song, “My Rose,” that is lighting up the Dance charts. The song was originally his idea for Lindsay Lohan, but after meeting with her and her Father, Michael, he decided to go his separate ways. Its quite a good song and you should be hearing it soon, if you haven’t already. Delious, BTW, is a GREAT GUY. And insanely talented – does his own photography business, movie festival and of course, All-4-One is still together and touring, too.

Last, a quick update on the late 90’s girl group Divine, who hit #1 with “Lately” in 1998.

On this very website, you can hear our interview with Kia and Nikki, who were 2/3 of Divine. During the interview, they say they have lost touch with Tonia, who was the other member of Divine. Nobody seems to know where she’s at……

Until now!

Nikki checked in to let me know they have found Tonia, and she is alive and well! And, the group continues to consider a comeback. They should, after the bad luck they were handed that prematurely ended what could have been an amazing run.

If you haven’t listened to that interview yet, click on 90S CONNECTIONS at the top of the page and scroll on down. One of my favorite ones.

Until next time, keep livin’ the 90’s up!!!

-Dave O