Whitney, Rembrants & More

Pretty sad news to begin with this week.

Whitney Houston’s daughter, Bobbi Kristina Brown, has made it known that she wants to lose the “Brown” in her last name because of her Dad, Bobby. The story goes that she’s wanted to do so for quite awhile, but that Whitney would never let her do it.

I’m not even going to touch this on what my opinion is, but rather, just state that it’s unfortunate these types of relationships exist around the world in parent-child relationships. I do hope if Bobbi chooses to do this, its the right decision for her, and that it makes her happy. Keeping her in my thoughts during these really tough times. Still seems so surreal that Whitney (and her giant heart) are no longer around.

Moving to sunnier thoughts, I “connected” with management from a couple of 90’s groups this week and discovered some exciting things.

To start with, The Rembrandts have a new album finished and hope to have it out in the next couple of months. They are very excited about it and we look forward to having them join us on a future episode of Round Trip.

Speaking of The Rembrandts, was there a song that says 1990’s more than “I’ll Be There For You?” I can’t wait to ask them about the song, which from what I understand, was an afterthought and almost didn’t even get released. Funny how fate interweaves with life sometimes.

Next, we discuss B*Witched, who had “C’est La Vie” on the pop charts all over the world back in 1998. Two of the members, twin sisters Keavy and Edele Lynch, have formed a new band, The Barbarellas, and I can tell you that their stuff is GREAT. Seriously, if you were a B*Witched fan, you will want to check them out on-line. And, they will also be joining us soon on Round Trip.

Got a question about a 90’s artist or song? Want an update on somebody? Just want to say hey and talk 90’s? Whatever it is, drop me an email, daveo@roundtripwithdaveo.com

Have a great week!!!