J-Lo, POTUSA & More

Poor J-Lo.

First, her marriage to Marc Anthony goes from on the rocks to over.

And now, her reality show with Marc, called “Q’Viva: The Chosen,” has been moved by FOX from Saturday prime time (8 PM EST) to Saturday late (11 PM EST), because of bad ratings.

Even worse for J-Lo is that the show has been trimmed from two hours to an hour and a half. Yikes!

Oh well, it could be worse. Maid In Manhattan could come out again. I kid, I kid. I actually loved that movie and own it on DVD. I think I’m the only one. Probably TMI.

Moving to more manly talk, let’s discuss The Presidents of the United States of America. First, I’m happy to report that I’ve made contact with lead singer and group founder Chris Ballew, who will be joining us for an interview later in April. Second, I’m even happier to announce that his fifth album as Caspar Babypants (Hot Dog) will be coming out on April 17th.

What is Caspar Babypants, you may ask?

Well, its Ballew performing songs for families, and more in particular, songs for toddlers/young kids. Chris is VERY excited about this project and thinks he could do it for the rest of his life. His enthusiasm was infectious and I look forward to presenting him to you soon.

Finally, an email question from Sarah in Seattle.

She wants to know “if I remember the singer Karyn White and if I can get her on the show?”

Thanks for the email Sarah and DUH, OF COURSE, I remember Karyn! I LOVED HER!!! And she has a NEW ALBUM OUT!!! Its called Carpe Diem. And pretty damn good, too.

As far as getting her on the show… I’m reaching out for you. Keep your fingers crossed.

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