SWV, The Tony’s & More

When I was a kid, SWV’s “Right Here/Human Nature Remix” was one of my favorite songs. In fact, I was so obsessed with the song, I bought it on CD single, cassette single and of course, the album (on… you guessed it… both tape and CD!). I was such a sweet kid – thinking that it’d help them move up the charts, the more units I bought.

All these years later, I’m still a big fan, so it was pretty awesome to hear SWV’s NEW SINGLE!!!, which is called “Co-Sign.” The song is now on I TUNES and a new album is expected out at some point this spring. Here’s to lots more success for SWV!

Meanwhile, I want to thank Alexis in Rapid City and Jennie in Indianapolis for writing in to ask about Tony! Toni! Tone!

In a stroke of ESP and luck, both ladies wrote me within 12 hours of each other, wondering if the group were still together and if so, when we might hear some new stuff.

Well, I got into contact with group founder, Dwayne Wiggins, and had an awesome conversation with him earlier this week. He has agreed to be featured on the show in a couple of weeks so that will answer a lot of your questions, but some quick updates:

-Tony! Toni! Tone! is indeed still together and playing gigs, especially in their hometown of Oakland.

-Dwayne’s now managing a group called “Poplyfe,” which you might remember from the 6th Season of America’s Got Talent. The group is getting ready for a big tour in mid to late April, and two of Dwayne’s sons are in the group.

-There is indeed a BUNCH of unreleased stuff in the vault, that we will someday hear, from Tony! Toni! Tone!

-Finally, Dwayne is excited to tell us about the insane history of his studio, “House of Music,” which has seen artists born and refined like Destiny’s Child, Alicia Keys, India Arie, Keisha Cole, etc, etc.

Look for Dwayne to join us in mid March on Round Trip.

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