R.I.P. Whitney

I had planned to update you on SWV having its first new album in years, as well as an exciting nugget on late ’90’s girl group B*Witched.

However, this will be put on hold for awhile, as the news of Whitney Houston’s death has just been released as I near “publish time” and I want to give Whitney the full spotlight.

Let me begin by saying Whitney Houston is one of my all-time favorite people in not only music, but also, personally. She was genuine in ways that most human beings, let alone musicians, couldn’t touch. She was a woman who lived the best she could and fought demons in her life just like all of us do. Except, hers became everyone’s business because of who she was and this often times made her a mockery, which was really too bad.

The cause of Whitney’s death has not been released, as it just happened a couple of hours ago. She was only 48 years old, and I suspect the Grammy’s tomorrow night will be all about her, as they should be.

I think my favorite two Whitney songs both came out in the ’90’s – “Count On Me,” with CeCe Winans, and “I Will Always Love You” from the Bodyguard Soundtrack. I will never forget slow dancing to “I Will Always Love You” at my 8th grade dance, or listening to “Count On Me” over and over again on cassette as my Mom and I drove on a spring road trip. The former was one of the best love songs of all time and has gotten me through tough relationships, and the latter is an amazing song of eternal friendship.

Honestly, I will miss knowing Whitney is physically around but will always hold comfort through her music and knowing her voice is just one button push away.

Rest In Peace Whitney and thank you for gracing the millions of lives that you have. As sad as it is, you’re another example of a superstar who will probably become more respected and talked about now that you’re gone. That fact is for sure bittersweet.

However, your voice and music will always be remembered, and millions of people love you. A legacy has been created and it’ll never be forgotten that you were once here on this great earth.

And in the end, could it be any better than that?