Seal, Beyonce and More

Valentines Day is less than two weeks away, but you wouldn’t know it from all of the splits that continue to happen with ’90’s stars!

Most notably, as we have discussed in recent weeks, Jennifer Lopez & Marc Anthony have separated and at the time they split up, hadn’t even been communicating. However, since then, the two have done several media appearances and interviews together while promoting their new television show, and they now seem to be getting along great! And while nothing is imminent at this point, there are whispers of J-Lo and Marc giving things a “second go” and trying to get back together. We’re keeping our fingers crossed for a happy ending and will keep you updated!

Our next stop on the “marriage marry-go-round” is with Seal & Heidi Klum, who also separated (about a week ago). The first six days, Heidi made no public appearances and gave no statements – not even on Twitter! Seal, however, has been doing “the rounds” on television and even said on CNN that he hopes, “a reconciliation may happen.” Heidi has yet to say much on the topic but let’s hope that if those two are meant together (which it always seemed they were), that they end up that way.

Finally, in truly BIZARRE news, Beyonce is now….. a fly.

As in, an Australian researcher named Bryan Lessard has named a rare species of horse fly in the “land down under” under Blue Ivy’s Momma!

And the reason why?!?

Lessard says, “the fly is pretty bootylicious” since it has a golden backside.


Have a great week, and get ready for Diane Warren to join us next weekend for a special Valentines Edition of Round Trip!