Matchbox 20, Gina G & More

I’m starting to think the new Matchbox 20 album we’ve been hearing about for the past several months is like a mirage in the desert. You keep looking ahead and seeing it, but then the closer you get, the further off it is!

First, the album was supposed to be released this past fall. Then, early this winter. And now, I hear spring. So that must mean summer of 2014?!? I kid, I kid. I’m just a diehard Matchbox 20 fan and can’t wait. I need my fix for their first album in ten years!

Speaking of Matchbox 20, I was sorry to see that guitarist Paul Doucette is undergoing a divorce from Frank Zappa’s daughter – named – and no joke – Moon Unit Zappa.

How rockin’ would it be to have your name be Moon Unit?!?! That is priceless.

Anyway, we wish the best to both as they go through this tough point of their lives.

Switching gears, question for you – have you heard the new J. Cole single called “Work Out”?

It samples Paula Abdul’s “Straight Up” and from what I hear, she is quite the fan of the single. Pretty good stuff, and makes you wonder – what 90’s song will be sampled next? Any you are dieing to hear? if you have any cool ideas/fits for a current day artist to sample.

Finally, speaking of another 90’s female star, Gina G has a brand new single and video out! The song is called “Next 2 You” and it encompasses old school Gina with new school Gina! You can hear both at

And speaking of Gina, we did a great SKYPE interview with her several months back. You can listen to the full interview, unedited, on demand, by clicking on “90S CONNECTIONS” at the top of the page!

Happy New Year and talk to you soon!