Diva Edition of Back in the Day Buzz

I LOVE celebrity babies. After all, what “normal folk” could name a kid “Blue Ivy” and not be seen as crazy?

To put in simpler terms, Beyonce & Jay-Z do it, as they did over the weekend, they’re heralded as “creative” and “unique.”

Joe Schmoe and Jane Doe do it, they are seen as doing WAY TOO MANY drugs. Lol!

But I digress, because I want to seriously congratulate Jay and Beyonce on their healthy and beautiful baby. And how cool is it that just minutes into the real world, Blue Ivy has already made her musical debut, as her crying is sampled on Jay-Z’s new track, “Glory,” in which details of a past miscarriage are announced? All of us at Round Trip are very happy Mom, Dad and little Blue Ivy are doing well! And look for the arrival of “Orange Marigold” from me once I find a woman crazy enough to marry me (or have a mistake, either way??!!??)!

Going from great news to bad news, I was VERY UPSET at all of the pundits who are bashing Christina Aguilera on her body throughout the past week on various “gossip sites.” They say things like, “she has let herself go” and some outlets even put up photo galleries of celebs who “turned ugly.”

Shame on them. To ridicule any human being on their body, and especially a woman, is inappropriate, distasteful and ridiculous. There are already enough struggles in life that are magnified by the media, that this is the last thing we need, especially in 2012. Sorry to be preachy, but I just think its very sad.

For her part, I think Christina has handled everything well, saying that her husband loves her body and that she feels comfortable in her own skin. I say – GOOD FOR YOU CHRISTINA!

Finally this week, cool 90’s news from J-Lo, who says she would “ABSOLUTELY” be interested in returning to the TV show that helped launch her career, “In Living Color.” The show is returning to Fox this spring, and Keenen Ivory Wayans will host. Originally, it was out in 1990-1994, and I still remember watching episodes with my best friend Stephen as a kid. That show HAS to be right up there for best of the 90’s with Saved By The Bell, 90210 and Step By Step. What else am I missing?

Oh the 90’s, how I still love thee.