Marc Anthony, Expose & More

Since its the Christmas edition of Back in the Day Buzz, how about some heart warming news to begin with?

Or, at least heart warming news if you work for Marc Anthony!!

It was announced on Tuesday that Anthony would be providing his 14 person staff with a free five day ROUND TRIP (we like that!) to the Dominican Republic. Yes, beautiful beaches, warm weather and BASEBALL. It’s been my dream to go to the Dominican since I was a kid, so this is especially cool to me. Good for Marc!

Staying with Christmas, Expose has its first new single in over FIFTEEN YEARS, and it’s called β€œI Believe In Christmas (Like It Used To Be).” The single can be found on Expose’s official website, . Also, a portion of the proceeds will benefit The Wounder Warrior Project, which helps heal wounded soldiers. And even better news… Expose will be joining us shortly after the New Year for an interview right here on Round Trip!

Last, be sure to tune in this weekend as we play you β€œAn All 90’s Christmas,” complete with ’90’s artists like Mariah Carey, Amy Grant, ‘N Sync, Celine Dion, Vanessa Williams, Manheim Steamroller, Michael Bolton, Kenny G and many more! Plus, Cyndi Lauper will join us live to talk about her ’90’s Christmas album and favorite Christmas memories.

Merry Christmas to you and your family, and thank you for including us in your busy life.

May God Bless!