Hanson, TLC and J-Lo

I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am for this news.

The Hanson brothers have THEIR OWN BEER coming out!!!!

That’s right, Zac Hanson (whom we had on the show a couple weeks back – click on 90’s Connections at the top of the page to listen) announced this past Monday that the group will have its own beer coming out under the IPA label. It will be an Indian Pale Ale and be in stores (and bars) by early 2012. So in the next two months or so!

The best part? The name of the beer. It will be called…. ready?


That seriously just made my year.

In much sadder news, T-Boz from TLC has filed for bankruptcy for the second time…… in less than a year.

The first time was this past February, before T-Boz withdrew the request about a month later.

The latest came this week, and its quite sad to read through the exact details of what she holds, what she owes, what her assets are and what is owed to her. I will let you google it on your own if you really want to know, but I think even mentioning this story borders on intrusion of her privacy, so we’ll leave it at that. Too bad all around.

Finally, J-Lo is taking a page out of Hi-Five’s book (whom you can also hear an interview with under 90’s Connections) and playing “The Kissing Game.” And I’m betting she like’s the way!

She was spotted this week smooching with Casper Smart, who is one of her backup dancers. And who can blame her? I was always told the best way to get over an ex is to find a new one. Solid advice, if I do say so myself.

Have a great week!